Cafe des Amis
Opened in 1890 as a General Store, it has gone thru two fires, casket manufacturing, apparel shop, and art house before ending as a coffee shop in 1992. Was not long after that food was being served depending on how much catfish could be bought for $200 every week. Open for lunch and dinner, I am going to devote this entry to the breakfast. If you are wanting a true breakfast experience, this is it. Fresh Beignets, Chicory Coffee, Stuffed Boudin Pigs Ears (long beignets), Crawfish Omelets, Biscuits smothered in Étouffée, Grilled Boudin Sausage, it is a first meal of the day cajun style. And to make it even better every Saturday is Zydeco Breakfast, where a local band comes in to play for brunch. In between Baton Rouge and Lafayette, worth the drive for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Closed on Mondays.

Breakfast is the healthiest
meal of the