Fleur de Lis
One of my favorite foods is pizza. I have had pizza everywhere, Chicago, New York, L.A., Rome, even birth place of pizza Naples, but this place is still one of my favorites. It is the dive of all dive’s. Dark, smokey (until they passed a no smoking ordinance), and greasy. In 1946 it was a cocktail lounge on the outskirts of town (was told it was also the local bookie joint) and the owners wife would make pizza as an appetizer for the customers. They became so popular that she began to sell them and realized that the pie pans from home were to small so she started making them on her cookie sheets and ta-da, the rectangle pizza. I would recommend nothing else but the large "Round the World". Thin crust with anchovy (usually leave those off), italian sausage, mushrooms, pepperoni, salami, and onions ($13.00). Impossible to stop eating until it is gone. I would recommend calling about 45min ahead and order before going, it is packed all the time and they have to-go-orders going out constantly. side note: if you happen to go during LSU football “forget about it”. Closed Sunday and Monday, cash only.
"the perfect lover is one that turns into a pizza at 4am."