Chris' Hot Dogs
Oldest serving restaurant in Montgomery, AL since in 1917. Operations are now run by the son, but was opened by his father, Mr. Chris an immigrant from the small Greek Island of Erikousa by way of Ellis Island and was told he worked the shop everyday from 1917 until the late 1980’s. Hank Williams Sr. used to come in and play guitar sitting on the jukebox in his younger days. President FDR use to make this a mandatory stop on his way thru Alabama and would have a box of dogs delivered to his train. Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr. were frequent customers, the place has a history. They have the cheeseburgers, fries, grilled cheese, bowl of chill, you're usual lunch counter items but I came here to eat what they are famous for, the dogs. They have been selling the Chris' Dog for almost a century covered in Chris' Special Chili Sauce that definitely makes it a 3 napkin minimum. Not going to tell you this is the hot dog of all hot dogs but they are very good and its very cool to step into a place that has not changed in 80 years. When you order ask for the "Special Dog", they double the size of your wiener, I have been dying to say that.

I accept your challenge!