Fantastic little restaurant/pub located off the beaten path of the Delray Beach strip. The home was built in 1924 and the staff say’s the owners ghost haunts the upstairs. Great outdoor/patio area and each room inside seems to have its own theme. The back room must be a movie room (watched Crouching Tiger/Hidden Dragon one night with a friend while having dinner).
Notable menu items
DADA Dates: bacon wrapped medjool dates and goat cheese
Pork Belly Waffle Dog: canadian pork belly w/raspberry maple syrup
7 Cheese Grilled Cheese: cheddar, swiss, goat, blue, sheep feta,american, and provolone
Word of warning, there Chocolate Soufflé is to die for, so when you order the main course tell them to fire it up, it takes 25min. Very fun artsy, bohemian atmosphere and well worth the drive if you are in the Boca/Palm Beach area.

First words
out of my kids mouth