Cattleman's Cafe
Cattleman’s is the oldest and longest opened restaurant in Oklahoma City. Opened in 1910 to the ranchers and cattle haulers of the Stockyards it was one of the few places that stayed open after sundown and during prohibition was known for its home brew, wink. In a smoke filled room at the Biltmore Hotel in OKC in 1945 owners changed hands on a dice game. Hank Frey who owned Cattleman’s put the restaurant in the pot if a local rancher Gene Wade could roll a “hard 6”, surprise. I would not recommend going here expecting the best steak you have ever had, this place is old school, nothing fancy, just a good meal. It is like stepping back into 40’s, kind of place my grandparents would have taken me too. One thing that did stand out on the menu were “Goat Fries” aka Rocky Mountain Oysters. Yes, I did try them, seemed to be more of a gimmick than anything else. There were a lot of tables with people taking pictures of each other eating testicles, very entertaining. Listed in the book “1,000 places to see before you die” and I agree, plus now you can always say you've tried goat nuts :)

Goat Fries?
I'm There.